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2006 E500, 2013 S550 and a retired 88 SDL
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I believe I have a short in my 1987 300SDL wiring system.

I got caught in my first rainstorm since I purchased the car. After about 30 minutes in a medium rain The wipers and windows stopped working.

The sunroof, mirrors, locks, lights etc. were apparently unaffected.

After I parked and the car dried a little the windows and wipers worked again until the rain had time to seep back in.

In addition, the radio displayed the "-- -- -- --" code I had reset about 15 minutes prior to the first raindrops falling. I think its unrelated, just a symptom of the short.

This morning after a high speed wind blown commute everything but the radio was back to normal.

Has this happened to anyone else and are there any solutions I should attempt before going to the dealership? Thanks Rob
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