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Electrical schematic for 87 190E

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After replacing a hoarked rear window regulator I'm finding that the window still won't go up and down. No power is reaching the regulator. Have checked fuses, front switches, rear switches and child-safety switch (which should override only the rear ones anyway) and all seem ok.<br> <br> Anyone have an electrical schematic out there that might be able to send one to me so I can continue to diagnose where the problem might be?<br> Or any ideas on what to check next?<br> <br> Thanks<br>
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Courtesy of;Steve 019<br>
Hope this help.<br>
With the door panel off, locate the terminal block that the motor wires go to. Disconnect the wires and use a battery charger to checck the motor. just reverse polarity for up and down. If you r window doesn't move in one direction, listen for the motor noise. I hope this will help isolate the problem. On my model the console switch will not operate if the door switch is bad or not installed.
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