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You seem to have a comment on a number of topics I searched today in Benzworld so I thought I would ask you for your opinion/comment to my problem.
I have a 2002 SLK2002, bought used, low mileage, driven infrequently.
Upon delivery (several weeks on truck) battery was dead. Replaced battery and vehicle worked for 12 months (I live in Delaware, USA so the climate is not severe either way). Battery again dead and would not hold a charge. Replaced Battery in January. Did not really use vehicle and now battery is dead and won't hold a charge. Replaced battery today (4/22/07). With ignition off, door shut I get a "good" spark when I make the battery cable connection. Pull the fuses to see if one made a difference, I get inconclusive results (I can't nail one circuit). Multimeter amp meter doesn't show a current (meter problem I suspect), plan to buy a suitable ammeter.
I have the battery disconnected at this time which means my wife can't use her car (spell dog house!).
While I read others stating they have battery problems, all I "hear" is bad battery. Have you heard of a/the root cause for the significant battery drainage experienced by me and other?
Thanks in advance for any help.

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Re: Electrical Issues w/2002 SLK320
I would do exactly as you have done. Be careful pulling lead off bat lead ( neg I hope?) as the electrical noise can damage the electronics on the car.
You do remove all keys? , Interior light goes off?? PSE pump is dry?? (see sticky on forum page)
If it has electric seats I have heard of a relay in that circuit that goes faulty and draws current.

Please post this on the forum so others can share (my reply too )

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