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My '81 S123 300TDT is having some electrical problems.

Everything worked out just fine, then suddenly the instruments just went crazy. Both indicatorlamps were blinking at the same time, the oilpressureindicator and the odometer started vibrating from top to bottom, and the lamp for the glow shut it self off after just a second or two. Even if the engine was cold.

I used the car like this for about 10.000km, but then it got worse. Now the glowinglamp is just blinking for a bit, and when I turn the key further to the right nothing happens. Not even a click from the starter or a sound from the engine. But when I pull out the key, sometimes the lights on the dash won't come off. Even though the lightswitch is at off.

I've tried using an other battery, and I've changed all of the fuses. With no luck. Because of this beeing a problem that has occured gradually, I find it a bit strange.

Anyone with a similar problem? Or anyone with great ideas?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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