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I have a 2003 E320 with 70K miles. The battery protection (convenience features disabled) warning and the red battery visit workshop warning started to appear about a month after I had both batteries replaced (with MB new batteries). My wife was driving it out of town when it first happened and she took it to a MB dealer who replaced the battery control module and the alternator (at a total cost of $1,600). The warnings came on again as she was driving back home. I took it to a MB dealer where I live and first they said they did not know what the problem may be after 2 days of looking it over, now they are saying maybe the wiring harness, which they are currently replacing (for $800). I am having a very hard time understanding how they cannot definitively determine the problem here. My interest is of course in fixing the car but also not paying for repairs that were not necessary or covered by service bulletin warranties.

I have read other posts that have referenced the following service bulletins that may apply to my situation:
2005070017 APR06 addresses alternator
2005060008 JUN06 addresses battery control unit
DTB P-B-42.46/84 NOV07 VIN range A040665-A589444 the cause may be the result of damage to the engine or interior compartment wiring harness underneath the auxiliary battery

Any advice, including copies of the service bulletins, would be appreciated!
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