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Hi, all. :newbie: here, and I'm quite happy to find! I feel really lucky to have recently inherited my mom's (single-owner) '89 300SE, and though it's in pretty good shape for its age, it still needs a lot of long-overlooked TLC. I'll be asking questions here, and I hope over time to give back as much as I get.

I've got three hopefully easy questions, all along the lines of electrical:

1) I can't figure out how to get the overhead light module out so I can examine/replace the lights—the one with the flashing seatbelt reminder. Screwdriver? Magic tricks? The only light that seems to work is the reading light for the passenger. No door-activated entry light or anything else regardless of switch settings. I suspect bulbs.

2) The seat belt/key-in/lights on reminder buzzer sounds like a sick fly. Where is it and how can I get it to sound healthy again?

3) Front passenger seat and back adjustment switches do nothing—though the headrest switch works. They used to work intermittently—when the moon was in the seventh house and Jupiter aligned with Mars. These days: Nothing. In troubleshooting, what is the first step?

Also, I hope I'm posting properly per protocol. If not, guidance is appreciated.

Thanks, everyone!
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