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Electrical Gremlins!

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Hi all-

It's been a while~

I'm having electical issues with my '02 G500. It's scheduled to go in for work within the next few days (front brakes, condenser, and driver side rear door sensor and lock actuator).

Here are the latest issues:

1) Upon locking with the remote, the alarm will start going off after about 15 seconds. The only way to not get the alarm to sound is to not lock the car.

2) I keep getting random "malfunction" notifications on the dash. Primarily 3rd brake light, light sensor, and front parking light (this is a new one). I have been in a car following my wife while she drives the G and have noticed the 3rd brake light flickering.

My mechanic is an independent but was formally with the local Merecedes dealership.

Any thoughts or ideas would certainly be appreciated!

Thank you!

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I'd do what was recommended by 79percent on pointedthree: check the electrical ground points.

Also check that the battery is charged...
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