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Electrical gremlin - advice needed.

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I have 2 slight electrical issues which presented this morning, need some assistance....!

1. As I was backing out of the garage, in 'R', the passenger side mirror rotated down like always...and then up, and down again, and up, and down again. Put it in Drive and it returned to the up position. Back in reverse, it did the same thing.

2. Driving along went to crack the window open. Hit the button and it went down about an inch and stopped by itself. Wouldn't go back up. Parked the car and cycled the ignition (turn off, key out and wait for all lights to go out, turned back on). Window went back up ok, but wouldn't come down again. Repeated the steps above and got the same partial down/nothing result. Arrived at work and windows wont go down.

Any thoughts? Weird that the two things happened on the same day or are they somehow linked?

I've also had the SRS light on the dash for a few weeks which I'm confident is the seat sensor needing replaced. The airbag light flickers on the passenger side with a passenger in the seat. ( this somehow related?)

I replaced the driver window regulator this summer, but it has been working flawlessly since.

It has been freezing cold here, not sure if that would be of concern. I've been avoiding moving the windows in case they were stuck frozen and over-stressing anything.

I appreciate any insight anyone can give as to possible cause/solution etc!
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Download a E320 owner's manual from then with radio code and proper "reset" procedures I would start by pulling/cleaning battery terminals... and/or pull the battery for load test...
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