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Electric Window Switch Issue

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So I have a faulty passenger side window switch, the switch appears to be mechanically faulty as I cant press it to go up at all only down, so in order to control the window I have to rewire it each time, one way the window goes up, changeover the wires and the window goes down.

I wouldnt mind the faulty switch, but I also cant control the passenger window from the drivers side switch either. I can operate the drivers window fine, just not the passengers. I have tried the fully working switch on the passenger side and it doesnt work at all - so very confused here.

Has anyone had any similar issues? Would a faulty passenger switch stop the drivers side (passenger window) switch from operating?
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It wouldnt suprise me at all..when i retrofitted lekky windows to my van i had to get a loom..the amount of wires was unbelieveable..
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