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Someone has pulled out and broken the electrical antenna on on of my cars.

All other parts are there and intact, exept for the antenna and the "Chain" or whatever part that schould be where i marked in red in attachment pic.
Motor running both directions, still OK.

Can i buy antenna and Chain? If yes any link please
If i need Complete New unit, any link please?

Appriciated, thanks


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The part number for the replacement mast is: 126 827 00 01. However it is NLA from MB.
There is a Hirschmann number as well.. See below..

All my research today shows me there is one made by Uro that is widely available from any number of sources.....
Uro has been a brand downplayed by most BW members.. with good reason.. but perhaps in this case....

Perhaps Becker in NJ could offer assistance?


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The antenna system was used across many MB models for years. You can buy the antenna and it has that “chain” already there. You simply feed it into the opening, turn off your radio, and it should get pulled into place.

Last I looked (5 years ago) there weren’t really any quality options. We buy the inexpensive, <$10 ones on eBay and consider them disposable.
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