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ECU & MAFS repairs W168

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Good news at last,
ECU testing Automotive ECU suppliers
have brought the price of ECU & MAFS repairs down to £220.
and if you have fried your ECU they can now provide a new unit, coded to your car as is the original
The discount available through lofty's website Bert Rowe's-mercedes-Benz 'A'-class info. Mass Air Flow/ECU problems and the alternative the purchasing a new unit costing £1400.00 from mercedes-Benz, Special discounts available to readers of this site on garanteed repairs. is still available . But you MUST mention the site to get the discount it is not automatic.

And the bad news, the latest quote from mercedes for a new unit £1400.00 25/03/09
So if you work that out You can have you existing unit repaire for the price of the VAT on the new unit !
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