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ECU /mafs problems resulting in a new ECU/combined MAFS coded to your car are now running at about £1300 fitted with a delay while the new coded unit comes from Germany
The new contact for repairing your existing unit in the UK is Automotive ECU suppliers who will test , report , repair and return your own unit within days, the last turn round was in fact 3 days from removal to refit with a satisfactory repair.
As well as a great turn round you can obtain a 15% discount by simply mentioning my site when you phone and make contact with the Company
The last repair with discount this week came at just £265.91 inclusive of vat & return delivery. What a difference from the MB price, and be assured anybody can remove and refit their own unit with the infomation available on my site
In addition to that the repaired unit carries a 2 year unconditional waranttee which is as good as you will get From MB with a brand new unit.

Hope this helps owners who do suffer this common fault on their cars.

This company will repair units from overseas but transport arrangements would have to be arranged between the owner and company .
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