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:: ECS Tuning :: Oil Service Kits For Your W211 E-Class (2003-2009)

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Starting At – $79.19*

While changing your own oil gives you the confidence of knowing your vehicle and how to address its basic needs, using inappropriate parts and fluids will soon prove to be counterproductive and damaging.

The wisest and most thorough approach is to invest in a complete Oil Service Kit.
ECS-assembled and genuine Mercedes-Benz Oil Service Kits have been scrutinized by our in-house engineers so you can back up that confidence of having done the job on your own.

Each kit includes a new oil filter, oil drain plug, drain plug washer, and nine quarts of oil.

E320 (2003-2009)
E350 (2006-2009)
E500 (2003-2006)
E550 (2007-2009)
E55 AMG (2003-2006)

*Price subject to change.
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Just to clarify Is a large percentage of your stock quality oe
This business deserves nothing but the highest respect IMHO
Doing business with ESC is a straight gaurantee
Thanks for the professional service
I do not buy Mobil never have , I was in a repair mode after a break down.
I was trying not to throw every module and sensor at a fix . The quality of products I received and service was without a doubt the best I've experienced, I love these guys man
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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