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Click HERE to order or for more information.

Starting At – $90.61*

Your Mercedes-Benz transmission is a collection of parts that must each be functionally sound for the gearbox to do its job.

It follows then, logically, that when attending to a particular transmission issue, the strength of the weakest part determines the end quality of the system.
For this reason, ECS offers several complete Transmission Service Kits for your Mercedes.

Choose from premium ECS-assembled and genuine OEM packages - each including Automatic Transmission Fluid, Filter, Oil Pan Drain Plug and Sealing Washer, Dipstick Tube Cap Lock Pin, and Pan Gasket.

C230 (2002-2005)
C240 (2001-2005)
C280 (2006-2007)
C320 (2001-2005)
C350 (2006-2007)
C32 AMG (2002-2004)
C55 AMG (2005-2006)

*Price subject to change.
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