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2020 CLA35 AMG
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Hi there,

My new FL W204 has ECO function, but I found some problem in using it.
Per my understanding, the ECO button will be "green" each time I start the engine, in case the driver does not want ECO, just press once to switch it off.

However, everytime I parked my car for over 1 day, I switch engine on as normal, the ECO does not automatically on AND even no response with my manually pressing the ECO button. So...this journey was driven with no ECO, no matter I try to press the ECO on in between, still no response.

If I switch off the engine, take out the key and then switch the engine on again, the ECO button "on" automatically that I can press it to off or on manually.

I know there are so many conditions for ECO to on, but it seems strange that if I switch off the engine and restart it immediately, the ECO can auto-on.

I am pending reply from HK local dealer, ZungFu, on this issue. Is there any FLW204 owner with ECO has the same issue? Please share.
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