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Easier start up mishaps w124

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Hello I have a 1987 300e and this problem isn’t anything to major more of a tedious thing but When ever I start my car up i usually have to stomp on the gas a few times and if i don’t it is very difficult to start up and now while that doesn’t sound so bad I had planned on one day installing a remote start feature but have stalled in doing so in fear i would come out to my car just trying to start until something breaks lol again nothing to major just wondering if someone else ever had this problem and found it to be a simple fix or whether they had too tear the engine apart thank you for you time!
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zachary You do need to fill in your profile ...i can see your car is a W124 .But we dont know the engine type ..So many times i have posted information ,only to be told that the information was for the wrong engine in question . So to save us having to keep asking you we do need this information in your ptofile to help you .
Zacharyherrera2003 Thats not your profile , go and look at othe members names on the left hand side , you will see under your name there is nothing about your car only - Registered your flag . And the joining date this is what you need to fill in . Take a look at my name you can see my model and date it my car was made .
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