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I was curious to check this out, if only for potential parts...went down there today.

86 Mercedes 300 SEL

Silver over blue velour euro genII, with a couple of issues...
1. Transmission feels strong (no flares), but doesn't want to shift out of 1st gear. Engages both reverse and drive smoothly (no thunks). Bowden cable looked to be adjusted all the way out, or it could be a vacuum issue???
2. Engine is solid, with a lifter noise or two.
3. Driver's window stops about two inches from the top, regulator might have a couple of broken teeth.
4. A/C is cool, not cold
5. paint is fairly shot
6. door dings and minor body panel issues, but certainly presentable
7. dash is cracked (it's blue, so what did I expect??)

Other things to consider:
1. has a genII rear bumper in great condition, but front bumper (also great condition) is genI
2. has euro E/S switch, but does not have the 2>B switch like a genII (I think it looks like a genI euro tranny console). Console wood is shot, but the tranny switch plate is in fairly good shape.
3. has euro dual condenser A/C panel in good condition (wood is fairly good too).
4. interior is in good condition
5. DOES NOT have euro headlights, but does have the genII euro headlight dash bezel and adjuster.
6. Picture shows interesting wheels, but in person they're not very attractive.
7. No euro warning triangle, but it still has the triangle mount holder.

VIN WDB1260251A203210
Model 300 SEL
Chassis 1260251A203210
Engine 103981 12 002774
Transmission 722319 02 713994
Order 0 5 601 10178
Delivery date 29.11.85
Dealer Egypt (601)
Interior fabric blue (072)
735 astral silver metallic (с 01.01.1972 по 31.12.1990, с 1994)
251 Becker Radio Mexico cassette, full stereo, electronic (с 01.04.1980 по 30.11.1990)
420 automatic transmission, floor shift (с 01.01.1963)
470 anti-lock braking system (abs) (с 01.06.1978 по 31.10.1993)
490 elimination of windshield heater (с 01.09.1981 по 31.01.1988)
506 outside rear view mirror, left and right, heated (electrically adjustable on the right) (l.h.d.) (с 01.10.1983 по 31.03.1989)
outside rear view mirror, right, convex, taxi export version
531 automatic antenna (с 01.01.1963)
586 Behr air conditioner, and electric window lifters (front and rear doors) (с 01.04.1970)
592 heat-insulating glass, all-around, heated rear window pane (laminated glass), band filter
green heat-insulating glass all round, heated rear window, laminated safety glass - tinted strip (с 01.01.1972)

Might be worthwhile as a daily driver project car. I might pick it up for my school as a teaching opportunity.

Seller's name is Nicole-- very nice young woman, enjoyed talking with her about her car-- she was impressed that it originally came from Egypt!

Thought maybe someone else here would be interested....


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Euro version.

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Very interesting that it came from Egypt. Buying a Mercedes in Egypt is VERY expensive. I believe there was even a 100% tax... don't know if its like this today, but I heard back in the day it was like that. I wonder how the car made its way to the US... must have an interesting story.:thumbsup:
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