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I am looking at getting an older cheap C207

I would be looking for something in the 100,000+ KM mileage range and probably an early model e.g. older than 2012.

I am curious to know what the best model and engine option is in terms of reliability and maintenance costs.

Are their any engine options to avoid or go for?

The only known issues I am aware of are the OM651 (2.1 diesel) injectors and timing chain.

Other than engine options are there any other general options to avoid that add potentially costly complexity (e.g. airmatic etc.).

I am not worried about performance, comfort or fuel economy.

I am only concerned with minimising maintenance costs.

I will be looking to get it serviced by a local garage and not by MB, with parts bought off the internet so are their any issues to be aware of in that direction with this model?
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