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E55 Cost of maintenance

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What is the cost of maintenance of a 00-02 E55 with about 60k miles. I am considering buying this car and most of the car is out of warranty. I want to have an idea what will be the cost to upkeep this car besides from normal maintenance like brakes, oil change, tires etc.

I am looking into cost of the parts and service that will have to be replace soon on a E55 with 60K miles such as:

Timing Belt change (if E55 has one)
Misc Electronics sensor and modules
and anything else that can go wrong on a high mileage E55.

I have own an Audi and BMW and I have spend quite a bit of money to replace many sensors, electronic module and mechanical parts in order to keep them working good after the factory warranty expired. I try to avoid spending thousand of dollars to fix numerous problem on the E55 if I happen to own one.


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Thanks for common:

I spend quite a bit to upkeep my A4 and BMW when the car get older. It has all the common issues that everyone has. I am not sure what will be wrong next. I just don't want to buy a car that need constant attention to small and big problems like an old BMW or Audi. Besides that, a nice condition E55 could cost over 30K easily.


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