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E55 Cost of maintenance

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What is the cost of maintenance of a 00-02 E55 with about 60k miles. I am considering buying this car and most of the car is out of warranty. I want to have an idea what will be the cost to upkeep this car besides from normal maintenance like brakes, oil change, tires etc.

I am looking into cost of the parts and service that will have to be replace soon on a E55 with 60K miles such as:

Timing Belt change (if E55 has one)
Misc Electronics sensor and modules
and anything else that can go wrong on a high mileage E55.

I have own an Audi and BMW and I have spend quite a bit of money to replace many sensors, electronic module and mechanical parts in order to keep them working good after the factory warranty expired. I try to avoid spending thousand of dollars to fix numerous problem on the E55 if I happen to own one.


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I have owned 2 S-8's and my E55 is no where near the high maintenance costs of the Audi's I owned.
The E55 if it has had good care, not abused, and proper maintenance should not be all that expensive to maintain, my 00E55 has 53,000 miles and is exceptionally reliable and trouble free.
The E55 does have some minor issues with MAF sensors and window regulators but the main culprit is pre mature rust so look close before you buy for rust.
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