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It was quite strange, my rear drivers side brake light would not work every once in a while. When checked it was the standard plastic melted holder that had broken. I did replace the units on both sides to keep the correct color (time has change the red of I wanted to do it correctly).

During that fix, I shorted something and I lost my drivers side front headlight (not the HID) and the rear taillight. Of course now the brake light is working perfect but I have a light out in the front and rear. Of course, both fuse boxes were checked and everything came back clean.

I am guessing I am just missing something that is right in front of me but I have not been able to cure the problem.

I am guessing this is simple and I have overlooked it, any direction out there?

My 2001 210 E55 4matic runs great but I just do not want to drive it and get the easy "tail light fix-it ticket" in California for who knows what crazy price they want these days....

Help????? : ) : ) : ) :confused:
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