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E500 tilted on one side.

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One day just noticed that my E500 Wagon 4matic ( 2004 )is tilted to the right ( about 2" lower on passenger side) Car behaves perfect, no codes, no messages on the dash. Vehicle is rising upon pressing the button on the middle console but is still tilted.
What could had happened?

Last year I replaced the rear airmatics with Arnott and it was great all along. Will it be time for the front ? Can you suggest a cheaper supplier. Look like Arnott does not have any listings for front airmatics on 2004 E500 Wagon 4matic.
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Have you looked in our Recommended Repair Shops - Mercedes-Benz Forum section?

There are a few shops in that part of CT listed.
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RMT does great work. They have no cores so an owner would have to take their fronts off, ship them to RMT and wait around ten days to have tem back to put on the car. At $389 per shock it is a great savings if an owner has a back up car to use for about ten days.

I wish I knew what happened to all the cores. Doug told me in their case at Arnott many of them came in and were so bad that rebuilding them was not an option. Also MB is now rebuildong their own units so they have taken a bite out the core market also.
It may be risky. The pump can be had for $300 it dies, but then you are still stranded and would need a flatbed tow for the rest of the trip.

It is sort of a catch 22 situation. The only get a strut now situation would be from Vic at Husker and it is $838 for a MB reman plus a core charge
and overnight shipping. It is painful.

Do you have towing insurane on your auto insurnace or do you have AAA?

If it were my car with a new pump I probably would not risk the drive.

One last thing I tought of is that FCP Euro had one front left ( I do not remember which side ) during their July 4th sale. They are in CT so shipping would be quick and the price is decent. So giving them a call might be worth it.
The axle does have to come out. You will need a need new axle bolt as the bolt is a stretch bolt and can not be reused.

Basically the caliper, rotor, and axle have to come off the car. You will have to seperate a couple of joints on the knuckle.
Then all of the connectors. There are plenty of them. Take a picture before undoing them and even lable them if needed.

SBC must be deactivated. Also to set the car level after the repair using the MB Star computer is the best way to go.

Doing the job on a lift makes it a lot easier, but it can be done on the ground with jack stands.
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