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E500 tilted on one side.

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One day just noticed that my E500 Wagon 4matic ( 2004 )is tilted to the right ( about 2" lower on passenger side) Car behaves perfect, no codes, no messages on the dash. Vehicle is rising upon pressing the button on the middle console but is still tilted.
What could had happened?

Last year I replaced the rear airmatics with Arnott and it was great all along. Will it be time for the front ? Can you suggest a cheaper supplier. Look like Arnott does not have any listings for front airmatics on 2004 E500 Wagon 4matic.
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An alternate source of rebuilt air suspension parts for your E500 is RMT.

Their website section covering your model can be found here:

WAGON 4MATIC AWD AIRMATIC 2003-2009 (W211 Chassis) E-Class Mercedes-Benz Air Suspension Parts | E320, E350, E500

I have RMT rear units installed on my E500 sedan. I hope this helps.
RMT does great work. They have no cores so an owner would have to take their fronts off, ship them to RMT and wait around ten days to have tem back to put on the car. At $389 per shock it is a great savings if an owner has a back up car to use for about ten days.

I wish I knew what happened to all the cores. Doug told me in their case at Arnott many of them came in and were so bad that rebuilding them was not an option. Also MB is now rebuildong their own units so they have taken a bite out the core market also.

The 4Matic strut units are not showing "out of stock" on RMT's website, so a call to confirm from the OP might be a good idea.
The air struts can be tricky. I have had one hold for a couple of weeks and then time next time it would collapse over night. The positive thing for you is that the fronts do not have to be replaced in pairs, so you can replace the offending side now and deal with the other side later. The fronts on mine failed in the 70-80K mile range, so you have had a good run...
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You might want to contact RMT and tell them about your symptoms; I believe the owners of the the re-building side of the business also own a shop that does installations.

Once, when I spoke with them in the past it was opined on their part that 99% of the problems with air strut replacements are "installer error". I am not saying this is the case in your instance and perhaps another forum member can add insights to the discussion.
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