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E500 problems continue

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In reference to multiple problems listed previously on E500 purchased in late 2003. After 5 days in the shop for mysterious battery problem dealer called me to pick it up. Got keys, went out to lot to drive car away. Bingo, battery dead as a doornail again. They blame computer settings and called head mechanic. He's mystified, and says it. They gave me a loaner again and I'm back waiting.
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Lemon Law in Virginia states that the dealer has three chances to fix a problem. There is no indication of how minor the problem can be. If the defect is a safety device then the dealer (or other agent of the manufacturer) has a single chance to get it right. Also if you force (throught the lemon law provision) the dealer to repurchase the vehicle they have to pay you what you paid for the car (including taxes, financing, destination fees,ect) and the car has a "lemon" title from then on. They are allowed to subtract $0.17/ mile from the total price.

I would suspect other states' laws are similar.

I know this because I was on a Lemon Law jury. Not bad for jury duty, I learned some valuable information like don't buy a ford.
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