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E500 problems continue

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In reference to multiple problems listed previously on E500 purchased in late 2003. After 5 days in the shop for mysterious battery problem dealer called me to pick it up. Got keys, went out to lot to drive car away. Bingo, battery dead as a doornail again. They blame computer settings and called head mechanic. He's mystified, and says it. They gave me a loaner again and I'm back waiting.
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this post combined with the earlier post where you are listing out all of your woes makes me think you ought to look into the 'lemon law' provisions? don't know.

however, (and i might be cursing myself now by saying this) i've had my 2003 e-500 since new in july 2003 and have had no issues except for the brake recall (everyone had that) and an airmatic pump that went out during the test drive. it was replaced before i took delivery and 20 months and 15,000 miles later not a lick of problems.

i tell you this not to make you feel bad but for you to use as fodder with your dealer ,,, that you might have a case that there is something truly wrong with your car. go see him and site chapter and verse that "a fellow forum member has zero issues with his car ,,, so why am i having such problems??" maybe he'll help you out. good luck, mate!
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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