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The car is a beautiful 2004 E500

So my power mirrors adjust fine when using the door controls, but when using the memory selection (M1-3) the mirror will not adjust to the correct position.

For example: When I use memory selection to put my mirrors and seat to the desired position, everything goes to the correct saved position except for my driver's side mirror.

Yes my driver's side mirror will move to a position but not the correct position.

This is kind of annoying in scenarios where I use the passenger side assisted parking function (when your passenger side mirror looks down at the curb to assist parking). I have to use the memory button to make it go back to it's original position, and then I have to use the door controls to move my driver's side mirror back to it's original position instead of easily just pressing the memory button to return both mirrors back to their saved place.

I think I might need a new passenger side mirror assembly but maybe I can save money and fix it myself? I checked the connectors in the mirror, seems dirty as heck. Maybe a meaningful cleaning of the connectors and ports inside the mirror assembly might fix something? Let me know, and thanks in advance peoples!

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Isolated to memory function have someone pull codes, clear all. No codes you can try erasing/resetting no success visually check left front door control module, all good may need replacement need VIN to supply compatible part #s for replacement.

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