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E500 4Matic Wagon 2004

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Can the outer control arm bushings can be replaced on my wagon or I will need to purchase the control arm as a whole?
If yes what is the part number for that? Do I need a special tool?
Just to make it clear is the bushing situated in the middle of control arm that in which stabilizer links connects.
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Just went through this. Entire arm gotta go. ~$380-$475 each side. Google search as best you can for best prices. I got mine off amazon .
Part #'s

Middle bushing not replaceable. No separate part #.

The other 2 bushings are available to replace via transverse arm kit.

Sucks...I searched everywhere for that bushing and nil. Just the added cost of a 4matic....
Nope. Not replaceable.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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