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E500 4Matic Wagon 2004

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Can the outer control arm bushings can be replaced on my wagon or I will need to purchase the control arm as a whole?
If yes what is the part number for that? Do I need a special tool?
Just to make it clear is the bushing situated in the middle of control arm that in which stabilizer links connects.
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You should be able to buy yourself enough room by undoing the nuts on the top of the strut and tying the strut out of the way with mechanic's wire or twine. As I recall, it's only three nuts on the top to undo it.
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I don't think that would be an issue. you're not replacing it. Just dont' lose any parts. You're already undoing half of it. What's the other 3 bolts? Just assemble everything before any torquing.
Maybe you can mark the location of the strut top mounting bolt locations before you loosen them and line them back up when everything gets put back together.

Super thanks on the separate bushing purchase ability.
No need to mark them. They only go on one way.
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