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E500 4Matic Wagon 2004

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Can the outer control arm bushings can be replaced on my wagon or I will need to purchase the control arm as a whole?
If yes what is the part number for that? Do I need a special tool?
Just to make it clear is the bushing situated in the middle of control arm that in which stabilizer links connects.
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Hi all,
I have a cluncking sound when I hit road bumps and road imperfections. So I looked under my front 4Matic and found that the bushing holding the strut (also called outer control arm bushing) is worn/broken on both front lower control arms. Check images A2113331914-a.JPG and A2113331914-b.JPG.

After doing some research and calling the local stealership, turns out Mercendes does not service this part. They say I have to change the whole control arm which is CAD945 (US$700) part only.
After doing more research, turns out that you can get this bushing in the after market from Febest. I got two from Amazon (

This bushing is found all over the web if you search for BZAB-038 which cross referenced with A2113331914.

Also found this:

and this one by Lemforder:

FCP Euro has it:


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I came accross other cross references for this part. It seems I was too quick to purchase the febest brand. LOL

MERCEDES BENZ A2113331914:
SWAG 10 92 1540;
LYNXauto C8432;
MAPCO 37875;
MEYLE 014 033 0091;
LEMFÖRDER 2604401;

Regardless of which one you get, do you think the whole control arm has to come off to use the bushing tool to extract the bushing and insert the new one, or can this be done on the car?

I will raise the car later and let you know!
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Here is what happened when I attempted this the first time. I borrowed the bushing extraction/insertion tool 11100 MANUAL BUSHING R&R SET ( from a friend and hoisted the car on the jack stands. I discovered the following:

* The strut (shock absorber) has a coil over spring and is pushing on the control arm (also referred to as "transverse" control arm in the Mercedes service manual). Check image A2113301914-d.
* When the wheel is off the ground (no vertical pressure is on the strut). So, removing the bolt was not that hard (I had to remove the bolt of the sway/stabilizer bar link first as in image A2113301914-e), but the strut mounting bracket (U shape) is giving no room for me to extract the bushing. Check image A2113301914-f.
* I thought that maybe I could help make the control arm tilt downward if I detach the end ball joint (check image A2113301914-g) from the spindle (check image A2113301914-h). However that did not help.

I see two solutions for this without having to take this to a mechanic:

1- Remove the whole lower control arm. This is not in my DIY territory. Check the service pages attached which involves the removal of the swaybar, the hub, the axle, etc. Not fun!
2- Compress the strut coil over spring to raise the strut mounting bracket and leave me some room to extract the bushing.

From what I have searched so far, I found no information on doing this while the control arm is on the car. If you have any information about this please let me know. Also let me know what you think about option #2. What kind of strut compressor tool should I use?

With the expected frustration, I put everytying together and the car is safely back on the ground.

Any help is appreciated.


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You should be able to buy yourself enough room by undoing the nuts on the top of the strut and tying the strut out of the way with mechanic's wire or twine. As I recall, it's only three nuts on the top to undo it.
I thought about that, but wouldn't taking the strut out and then back in when I am done throw the wheel alignment off (e.g. camber)?
I finally got around to replace my bushings. I put all the details on this thread:
I was able to gain access to the bushings by removing the strut top screws as @amosfella mentioned.
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