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Hi everyone. I live in Bulgaria and recently sold my Mercedes SL 500 and I bought an E50 AMG. A friend of mine however has an E55 AMG and we decided to test both cars on the freeway. Although our freeways are restricted, most of the policeman are corrupt like in any other country on the Balkans, so there was no problems to test the cars in their top speed. I was very surprized that there were no diffrences at all, and we stood right next to eachother until we reached the top speed of both cars (280km/h) .

Can anyone tell me if this is normal. Thank you very much for your time and sorry if I have made any spelling mistakes.

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I have the same car, it is 97 E50 (actually one
of the last produced). I've had chance to compare
it against E55 and as you said, differences are
really slight. Transmission is same, and
performance of both engines is almost identical,
E55 has a little bit more torque on the low revs
but that's all.
My car is chipped so it does have 250km/h limiter
removed and reaches speeds like 280km/h without
great hassle.
One good thing about E50 that its engine is far
more reliable than the first produced 5.5 113
engines, because at the end of production they
had a lots of improvements phased in.
Altough i love this car i think that in year or so
i wold like to trade it for a 99 E55 but mainly
due to more sophisticated extras available with
model year 99 and up.

Do not try this at home ;)

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