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OK, this thread discussed the topic.
but to save you the paging through, I'm starting a new one.
I finally located the source of a leak I had since I let a local shop (supposedly specializing in German cars) do my oil change while it was in for an alignment a few months back.
When I unscrewed the cap to have a look, the filter was just flopping loose on the stem.
It turns out those cheap bostiches (see Johnny Dangerously) used a made-in-china thing that was probably the wrong part anyway. It just has the number 8133/2 24428 and made in China on it. What was also clear is that the large o-ring was too small to seal. (yes, I know the moral of this story).
I went with a Bosch replacement since I had to get parts locally, and it clearly is a stiffer filter, with reinforcing rings, and it had a snug-fitting o-ring.
Also, it had the reminder to seat the filter properly until it is seated home under the cap. It's on a par with the Mann paper filters.
SO, if you're getting a leak at your filter cap, first make sure you're using a good filter (aka a German brand).
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