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E420 Sliding Roof Will Not Sync ?

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Hi all,
I am new to this forum and to the 97 E420. The problem is the sunroof stopped sliding open, it will pop up and slide closed if I manually crank it open then close it with switch. I read on here how to sync it and that worked 2 times then stopped sliding open again and resyncing doesn't help again. I manually cranked it open then removed the switch and used the key to close all windows and roof, but when I use the key in the door to open all windows and roof, only windows open. I have done this with switch connected and disconnected. So I am stumped, I don't think it is the switch or motor. Is there something else I am not looking at. I have tried to find a wiring Diagram online, but have not had luck. Thanks
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i've got a problem when trying synchronize the electric motor with the roof mechanism. I am including some pictures to clarify the problem:

1 º I try to synchronize the electric motor with the roof mechanism, which is the final step after reparing the sunroof.
2 ° It is found that pressing the roof switch, the movements see red arrows for (sliding close) and for (tilt close) do not move the electric motor. The other two movements see green arrows move the motor.
3 ° It is found that the pushbuttons of the pc board are working as shown in the photo.

I hope someone can provide some ideas because I lack the electronic scheme of the pc board and dont know what to do.
I have try to use another pc board from a scrap but is doing exactly the same so i wonder if the problem is related with a 2-wire bus that seems to go to Can Bus???

Thanks and regards.

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I can also give some more information.
The roof switch is working on the following way:
-when slide open = the motor runs during 1 second and stop (so works as the square signal coming from one of the hall sensors is not present??)

-when tilt open = the motor runs during 25 seconds and stop

-when slide close and tilt close = the motor doesn't run

i have tried in order to synchronizing

1. With the car not running, turn the ignition switch to the position 2 and;
2. Press on the back of the switch as if to pop up the back of the sun roof (tilt up) and contiue pressing for ten seconds (I pressed for 15);
3. stop pressing and leave the ignition on for another ten or fifteen seconds.
But this is not working cause the slide close and tilt close are still not working.
Is there any other way for synchronizing?? or why i can not synchronizing??
My car is year 98 - 290TD W210
Thanks in advance
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