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E420 Sliding Roof Will Not Sync ?

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Hi all,
I am new to this forum and to the 97 E420. The problem is the sunroof stopped sliding open, it will pop up and slide closed if I manually crank it open then close it with switch. I read on here how to sync it and that worked 2 times then stopped sliding open again and resyncing doesn't help again. I manually cranked it open then removed the switch and used the key to close all windows and roof, but when I use the key in the door to open all windows and roof, only windows open. I have done this with switch connected and disconnected. So I am stumped, I don't think it is the switch or motor. Is there something else I am not looking at. I have tried to find a wiring Diagram online, but have not had luck. Thanks
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wiring diagram

maybe this can help you


Big problem. Also with my W210 e290 1996. When i slide the roof to open position it opens till half and then full open. OK! When I close it also OK. When I pop it up, the motor don’t stops. When I close it back OK. I checked the switches in the motor with a ohmmeter and they are good. As I understood in the wiring diagram, the switch has 4 positions and only 2 wires, so it had to be different signals send to the N10-1 control box and to the motor. So I changed the switch but the problem is still the same. Is there anyone who can result this problem? Thanks


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maybe, will try to find a second hand one. I am looking for the part number now. Thanks for your help.
I can't find out what the problem is. So i found a second hand motor 210.820.56.42 and control module box 210.820.39.26 for 50euro each in Germany. When I changed the parts I will keep you informed about the results
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