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E420 Sliding Roof Will Not Sync ?

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Hi all,
I am new to this forum and to the 97 E420. The problem is the sunroof stopped sliding open, it will pop up and slide closed if I manually crank it open then close it with switch. I read on here how to sync it and that worked 2 times then stopped sliding open again and resyncing doesn't help again. I manually cranked it open then removed the switch and used the key to close all windows and roof, but when I use the key in the door to open all windows and roof, only windows open. I have done this with switch connected and disconnected. So I am stumped, I don't think it is the switch or motor. Is there something else I am not looking at. I have tried to find a wiring Diagram online, but have not had luck. Thanks
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Is that something that can be reset ? I'm not sure where it's located, I don't have any codes, DTC or through the A/C panel. Is that something only a Dealer can reset ? Thanks
Wow, that is great info, thank you ! I took it out and did step 6, while I had the motor out I ran it in all four directions and the opening did not make it move (all other position of the switch make a soft click at the motor except open position). So I went ahead a completed step six and put it back together then did the sync by holding the switch up for 3-5 seconds, but no joy. Here is what I don't get, when you pop it up the motor goes in the same direction as opening and it closes fine. So the motor does work in both directions but someway it is not getting the signal from the switch. Any thoughts ?
Buying parts

Time to start buying parts, I'll do the switch first. Any advice on the best place to get electrical parts ?
Not sure how to do that. Is it through the A/C panel ?
Thanks again.

Thank you ! From the looks of it, it could be the switch, relay connected to motor, or N10. I guess I'll replace the switch first. Anyone know if the relay at the motor can be replaced or is that a motor assembly change ?
Thanks again.
Did you try setting the motor to slide position of roof, as in step 6 of video. My problem still here though !
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