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E420 Sliding Roof Will Not Sync ?

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Hi all,
I am new to this forum and to the 97 E420. The problem is the sunroof stopped sliding open, it will pop up and slide closed if I manually crank it open then close it with switch. I read on here how to sync it and that worked 2 times then stopped sliding open again and resyncing doesn't help again. I manually cranked it open then removed the switch and used the key to close all windows and roof, but when I use the key in the door to open all windows and roof, only windows open. I have done this with switch connected and disconnected. So I am stumped, I don't think it is the switch or motor. Is there something else I am not looking at. I have tried to find a wiring Diagram online, but have not had luck. Thanks
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Take a look at this.. maybe it'll help...... In your case #6 Should be particularly important!!!
Don't loose your head take a good look at these to become familiar with the assembly and workings of the sunroof ( Personally I doubt it's an electrical issue... a motor at worst ..I think) take a look I have worked with these a bit....let me know how it goes.... and good luck !!! Take a look at # 6

Sliding Roof-Interior Panel
YouTube - Sliding Roof-Interior Panel.

Sliding Roof-Step 1,Glass Panel
YouTube - Sliding Roof-Step 1,Glass Panel

Sliding Roof-Step 2, Motor
YouTube - Sliding Roof-Step 2, Motor

Sliding Roof-Step 3. Molding
YouTube - Sliding Roof-Step 3. Molding

Sliding Roof-Step 4.Sliding Block
YouTube - Sliding Roof-Step 4.Sliding Block

Sliding Roof-Step 5. Cables
YouTube - Sliding Roof-Step 5. Cables

Sliding Roof -step 6-Synchronization of Motor
YouTube - Sliding Roof -step 6-Synchronization of Motor

Sliding Roof-Step 7. Height Adjustment
YouTube - Sliding Roof-Step 7. Height Adjustment
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