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95' E420
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From previous a posts..on my 95' E420..

Is there any relationship between the kickdown switch and a Code 25...?
I have been having issues with an upshift from 1st. to 2nd from either a dead stop or kickdown at 30 - 40 mph.. So I disconnected the kickdown switch. Shifting improved somewhat but I still had the initial issue of the AT not shifting from 1st to 2nd revving up to cutoff at which point if I backed up on the pedal the AT will shift into 2nd then 3rd and 4th without problems..

Okay so I cleared the code 25, drove the car for two days, no CEL. Connected the kickdown switch and the next day CEL with #25..WTF..?
Does the kickdown switch play a vital electronic role, what is the correlation between this and my possible upshift problems could an out of adjustment Bodem cable cause this fault or is it strictly related to a solenoid..
The switch is only a $30.00 part, but I hate throwing money at something without knowing why.

BTW my AT does the Upshift delay when cold for the usual 1 mile then works OK as soon as the cat warms up..This is getting interesting..

Any help on or comments on the issue appreciated..

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