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1994 e320 WAGON
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I have been up and down this forum for about an hour now.:surrender:

help!!! I have 94 E320 Wagon. STOCK, no suspension mods.. Stock wheels with 195/65 R15 tires. I got a great deal on a set of Miglia Spider Wheels with LIKE NEW winter tires. I parked this car last winter because I had truck, but will need to drive this winter.

New purchased wheels are 215/55 r16 offset is 35 When i installed rears, they rubbed somewhere, no sure where. I guess I need spacers. How thick? are 5mm enough? charts posted show stock offset to be 45/48/49... Any Help? Thanks

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That combo, 215x55x16 and et35, should work.

Mebe a slight fender roll, but I would expect that combo to fit without mod if suspension parts are sound.
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