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Hello all...

I am new to the forum. My wife drives a 2005 e320 CDI. It has begun to hesitate, almost "shudder," when accelerating. Seems more pronounced when going uphill. Is more noticeable under light, rather than hard acceleration. In fact, when I'm driving it and the problem occurs, I tend to hit the gas, and force a downshift just to get rid of the annoyance.

The problem seems to be slowly but surely getting worse. I've done a bit of research here on this and other forums, and the problem does not seem to be unique: apparently there is a design flaw which can permit mixing of engine coolant with transmission fluid.

The "fixes" for this problem are supposedly to perform a transmission flush and to consider replacing the radiator at the same time.

So... I'm planning to perform the flush first. The car is probably due for one anyway, regardless of the "shuddering" problem. I've twisted plenty of wrenches in my life, and have plenty of tools. I know that I will need a new filter, gasket, and of course new automatic transmission fluid.

I am writing to ask for recommendations/tips on how to perform this procedure, and whether or not any special tools will be required. If I'm not mistaken, I will need the MB "dipstick" tool to check the transmission fluid level... Any other special tools or parts needed? In particular, is it necessary to replace the conductor plate and pin connector? I've seen these parts included with "kits" to perform a transmission flush... but I can't really understand why replacing those would also be necessary.

So there you have it... thanks in advance for your help!
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