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E320 Reliability

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Could someone please tell me about the reliability of a 2001 E320 4Matic. Ive heard lots of good things and lots of bad things (electrical problems, window regulators, harmonic balancer issues and even transmissions). Please give me some insight as I am seriously considering purchasing this car. It has 72,000 Kms.
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Don't do it!! The car is very nice to drive-when it's working, but it's in the shop for something nearly every month.

Repairs in four years:
Replaced Transmission
Replaced Steering Rack
Replaced 4 Oxygen Sensors (twice)
Replaced Fuel gauge sender
Replaced Mass Air Flow Meter
Replaced Window Regulator

Bad buld indicator has been on for two years, even after removing and replacing all the bulbs.

Air conditioning died in September and they say it will be very expensive to fix because there was noise inside the dashboard - I'm dumping this POS in the spring rather than pay for another expensive repair.
I also own an ML55 which is even LESS reliable! I will never own another MB.
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