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E320 I6 manifold removal help pls

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I am about to change the head gsk on this 1996 E320 I6 and have prepped the exhaust manifold for head removal but the manual states remove the cap screws in the inlet manifold and nothing else . I find my 6mm allen keys wont slid in as expected and access to the manifold screws on the I6 is quite difficult so can anyone offer advice on the right tool and methodology . Any other advice re the gsk replacement is appreciated
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I hope you know what you are doing, that is not an amatuer job and you can make costly mistakes. With that said I wish you good luck and here are some links for you to gain some insight on the procedure.

Make sure you buy a high quality gasket of the improved/upgraded design.

M104 Head Gasket Replacement - PeachParts Mercedes ShopForum

PeachPartsWiki: Head Gasket Replacement
Well, looks like you have done a similar job before so you should be OK. And, yes, you are correct in saying that aftermarket manuals are not very detailed.

I will check tonight when I get home and see what I have, I may be able to get you some better instruction (used to have a S320 with the same engine).
Well, the major difference to most other engines of that vintage would be the variable cam timing. Just read, understand, and follow the procedure to the T and you'll be OK.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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