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e320 cabriolet/ new convertible top

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I just completed a new german canvas top on my 1994 e320 cabriolet by a professional top installer..looks great, fits great ..but.. installer told me it takes from 2 days to two months to stretch out. Presently it needs a little muscle help the one time after I dropped it and raised it. Also, the small flat plates 3inch square in front of the rear deck convertible lid did not lie flat after I dropped the top..Has anyone had experience with a new top on the e320 cabriolet? Any comments would be helpful..
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I used a local shop in northern NJ named D&D Upholsterers in Bergenfield, NJ. Quite frankly, they had never done a E320 cabriolet. This is not unexpected, as you can guess, many of these tops are just reaching the end of their serviceability, although mine was really not that bad. I used German cloth, which is oem, and the total cost was approximately $1500.00 installed. I am in a high rent district, but I believe that the shop owner was carefully meticulous and spent about 24 hours replacing the canvas. I have not yet dropped it since the day I drove it home because of all the pollen and vegetation falling out of the trees at this time of year, and I want to seal the new top with Ragtopp sealer and conditioner. I have noticed that initially after the top was replaced, their was a small light gap between the bottom of the top and the rear deck lid. This has since closed tight and I no longer see light seeping through.
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