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2004 E270 CDI W211
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I've had my Merc for two years now and not long after getting it, I started getting the Limp Home Mode problem. To recover from it, all you need to do is stop the engine and restart it. The first time it happened, I took it down to the local garage where they cleared a non descript error message, that had something to do with airflow. The next time it did it, I took it back to the same garage and it didn't have an error.

I eventually got tired of the problem, so I decided to look in to the problem myself. I had done a lot of reading on forums etc and found most people were either saying it's the Airmass flow sensor or the Turbo. Some had had these replaced at great expense and still the problem would persist.

So I started looking at the easiest option, the Airmass Flow sensor and its associated wiring. Not long in to checking all this I found a wire bundle coming from the Airmass flow sensor, that went under the main engine cover and had been rubbing on the engine, enough to go all the way through to one of the wire cores. So I made good the damage and then added extra protection to that wire bundle and prayed.

I have now had the car running without any problem for the last 8 months and have not had the car go in to limp home mode since. So I thought I'd share this with everyone, just in case it helps someone else.

I've also added some pics so you can see where the problem is and what to look for.

Remove Engine Cover. You will need to remove the engine cover to be able to get to the problem

Where the Problem is

The wire bundle was rubbing against the engine

The Damage You can't see it in this picture, but there is a bare wire in there that was capable of shorting to the engine.

Added protection solved the problem, I added some of the tubing found on other parts of the car.

Hope this helps someone​


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