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1996 E200 W210
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Just a quick question,
Has anyone had any problem before with the central locking in their e200? I have a 1996 E200 and the locking system does not work, when I press the button on the dash board to lock and unlock, it does nothing. When I press the button for the immobiliser, it also doesnt lock or unlock, I cant lock the car at all and I have to keep it unlocked always. Not the safest thing ever.
Does anyone know what it could be?
I heard maybe the lock vacuum pump under the backseat could be faulty??
Any suggestions?
Cheers :thumbsup::thumbsup::)

1999 E300 TD
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It could be electrical or pneumatic. Check all fuses. To test remove the back seat, locate the PSE valve, remove the sound deadening material, then remove connector and test for switch continuity. If Ok, then replace connector push the dash button and listen for the pump to accurate. If you don't hear the pump. The PSE unit is bad.

The simpler, but more costly method would be to go your mechanic with good MB diagnostic equipment and have him read the PSE control module codes.

Remember that if you do the work you will have to version code the new PSE. You can't do that, therefore you have to go to a MB mechanic who can-------so now you have come full circle.

Have a great holiday
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