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E-Mail Address needed

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HI guys
A couple of questions
1) Has anyone ever bought anything from Autocenteret Fjeldstad AS in Norway and had it shipped to the US?
2) How much trouble was it?
3) Where they any good?
4) Did you have any problems?
5) Do you have an e-mail address of someone that will answer you back?
I don't speak Norwegian and these guys have a complete exhaust system that is 2 1/2" and will probably bolt right up to a 617a turbo diesel but I can't get them to answer my e-mail
Thanks Will
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Mail me off-list at post at
I live close to them and can stop by and ask the hows and whys. What mail address did you try to reach them on?
I used the 3 address on there contact list. I sent it in english. Them I used a cheap translater and sent it again. Then I put the english with the translated version and sent it again. I have E-mailed you a copy of what I sent the last time. Maybe you might be interested in being a middle man
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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