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E 55 4 matic S W Phone comand problem

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Hy friends,i need help to my problem(local M B shop is not able to solve),I live in Italy,excuse my bad English,I month ago i buyed the car M.Y 2000 in very good condition,only KM 137000,it is full option from M.B. original Nokia phone included where i found the first owner's card with all phone numbers registered in the comand's list.I removed old card and put my new phone card with my phone numbers to be trasferred in the comand,i noted then in the comand were missing al numbers from P to S and there were still some numbers of the old card,and moreover when i try to delete a phone number,the comand does not delete anything.I spent half a day in M.B shop ,they made many controls and reset,i too made a reset disconnecting battery,but no change,the most curious thing is thath they says everything is O.K. and do not know what to do. Fantastic!!!! Can help me please ,Thank you very much,I had forgotten to say that everything else(radio CD, TV and phone) is perfectely working.Ciao Antonino
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Antonio you can't delete anything from Command the phone book information comes from the phone. Weird that your Command has some of your stuff and some from the previous owner too though. Your phone list not completely loading might be a memory issue as your phone book might be too large to download completely....? As different systems have a varied memory capacity. Im sure someone with alot more knowledge than me will chime in soon. Hope this sheds some light on the topic for you.
Thank you very much,Mr. Partz, for your answer,i do not understand why i cannot delete anything from phone list,i think there is some problem, Good By Antonino
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