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avantgarde w210 e280 2000reg
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Hi everyone
Can anyone here help me find the location for my reverse light switch in my car please ?

After looking at so many posts here I have almost giving up

I have taking my gear shift apart and there is nothing like the 2 switch parts I have been given by the dealer
I was given 2 replacement parts just in case
Once I find out which one is the right one I can take the other back

I have looked under the car as well on the gear link all the way to the tranny
And it ands there
Nothing like what I have seen here in some posts with pictures

I mean is there one in my car ? There most be :surrender::teach:
But if it is not in these 2 places where is it ?
Has anyone got workshop pictures for my car model

Many thanks

Ok for everyone to know there is no reverse light switch in a mercedez benz e 280 avantgarde 2000 reg automatic
as we know it
Everything is integrated in the gear shifter ( the green grey wire (number 10 ) should be 12 v when in reverse gear if you dont get it than you will need a new shift unit (THE PART IS NOT SOLD ON ITS ON )

The funny thing is that if you ask any shop for a reverse switch for this car they will say they have 2 model and that it could be one or the other ( useless bastards )

disappointing that i could not find here on this site an information for a 12 year old car
So do your selves a favor pay a online mechanic fast and reliable

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