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Hey all!
This Saturday, 6-20-20 There is a dyno day right by my house. The guy was here a few weeks ago so I brought my car there
On the dyno my car would ride out to 4k rpm @ 100mph and hit a rev limiter like what you experience revving in park.
Did 4 runs all cut power like that.
The wheel hp/tq readings were
181.82 hp, 246.52 tq(first run)
176.55 hp,241.93 tq(second run)
180.93hp 245.33tq (third run)
178.75 hp, 242.55 tq(fourth run)
But every run cut off at 4k/100mph
How can I put my car in dyno mode ?
My dyno guy says EPA requires every vehicle to have a "Dyno mode"

The car is a 1998 S420
I have a x pipe where secondary cats were, straight pipe out the back(no resonator or muffler)

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Did you turn off the traction control? Is it a four-wheel dyno?

I've never attempted anything like this with my W140, but I'm guessing that a dyno test will require the traction control (ESP/ASR) to be switched off, and/or a four-wheel dyno system because having the rear wheels spin with the front wheels stationary will likely trigger the traction control.

Here's a C140 on a four-wheel dyno:
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