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dvd player for comand 2.5 D2B - possible?

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or even 2003 comand 2.0 with D2b - possible dvd player while in motion??

i know cartronics has VIM / ipod & audio gateways but is there a mercedes dvd player for comand 2.5/2.0??

thanks in advance for taking time to read this!!
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Hey ClassyS, if you research the encyclopedia there is a HUGE section on COMAND and video playback & such... but to save you the trouble for US spec'd COMAND's you cannot play video on it, you can hear the audio portion of the DVD, but the video is disabled and cannot be overridden by going into the engineering menu and changing settings.

Euro spec'd COMANDS can be configured (through he engineering menu) to play video but not here in the US of A spec'd ones. There is extensive topics and discussions around this subject that you can read at your leisure here in the forum as well if you search.
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