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Dumping Oil and No Acceleration after oil change and additive 2006 c230

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Gents, a couple weeks ago I did an oil change, including first doing an oil flush with liqui moly engine flush.

After flushing, I added 8.5 quarts of plain cheap oil, ran the car ten fifteen mins, flushed it again until no more than one drip every second from drain hole.

I filled it with 8.5q of Mobil 0w40 synthetic which I have been using for the last 100k miles. Then I added one can of liqui moly Mos2.

At this point my oil level was at the upper tip of the red plastic of the dipstick

I drive it like this for two weeks no problem. No hesitation, oil smells, oil leaks, etc. Normal stuff.

Fast forward to two days ago, I get the smell of oil (not burning, just oil) from my vents when the AC is on.

Then yesterday after a 30 mile drive, I come back to my car, it has dumped at least three cups of oil, and more on the belly pan, and more probably during the drive. No oil pressure dummy light. I check the oil level cold, and it one inch ABOVE the maximum red plastic of the dipstick!! I drive it home 30 miles like that.

Then this morning, after a mile drive, I get hesitation under load when accelerating. I can still drive, but the semetimes, not always, when i push the gas pedal, I get hesitation and stalling. If I ease up on the gas I can press it again. I
Pull over, more oil dumped, but oil level on dipstick is still within the hash marks. I parked it until i can further diagnose.

What could be going on here?
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Gents, here is what happened. I took the car to jiffy lube (I know, not the best option) because it was literally half a mile from where I parked.

They checked under the car, and come to find out this was transmission fluid leak, not oil leak. Oil pan, oil drain bolt, oil level, all checked out fine.

The problem was, the weeks ago I replaced the radiator, and the fan, at the same time. So, during that, I didn't replace the o rings that go on the hard transmission oil lines that connect to the radiator. I thought I'd be good to do it without replacing, because I ensured that the plastic caps with the metal clips that keep the oil lines onto the rad were put on properly, which I still believe they were.

The leak was from the o rings, or the lines not being perfectly seated. On my 1983 300d turbo, the oil cooler lines have a bulbous tip, but at the end of the day they are threaded onto the cooler by a strong metal bolt, not this garbage system that requires perfect alignment and an o ring. This is my little rant that mercedes isn't made like it use to be made.
That aside, jiffy lube tried but failed to add the ve fluid I provided, to the transmission, but failed because they don't have the oil drain bolt tool needed to pump it in. My mechanic 10 miles away is willing to take me today even though its Saturday.

Moral of the story, do your homework and replace all possible Orings on the trans fluid lines when swapping the radiator, or as a preventative maintenance
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