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Dumb question, new driver, how do i burn out with and automatic

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i just started driving, and i was just curious how to burn out with an automatic, is it possible?
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if u r refering to burning out as in buring rubber while at a stand still then first keep the gear in park, second put your left foot on the break,third put the car in drive (D) while still pressing on the break. fourth put your right foot on the gas peddle and press it down WHILE keeping your left foot on the break. the rear wheels will start spinning while u r at a stand still and burn rubber. Please, becareful because if u make a mistake and remove the left foot first which is the break u will go flying out of control. remove the gas first. also, i DO NOT recommend that u try a stunt like that on a busy road,trafic,someone standing next to u, or even a car next to as with seconds the car will start and may start moving a little from left to right in the back and may get out of control. not to mention you are still a new driver and have barley any exprience. Keep in mind if a cop catches u doing it u will get a ticket and u will be wasting rubber. be safe
I can't do breakstands on my little C.<br> <br> I used to do them all the time in my 66 Mustang.<br> <br>
oh trust me, i wouldnt do something like that, just curious. thanks though.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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